Sparkly Wines



Polite and well balanced preserves the unique and unmistakable profile of Lugana associated with freshness and greater organoleptic complexity resulting from its sparkling careful.

Alcoholic content: Vol. 13%

Grapes varieties: Groppello Gentile 65% + Marzemino 15% + Barbera 2/3% + Sangiovese 2/3%

Production area: The morainic hills of the west coast of Lake Garda. The climate is temperate, with mild winters and warm summers that give the wine the typical salty perfume and flavour, that are a main characteristic of the area around Lake Garda. It is situated 150/200 m. above sea level.

Plant typology: Guyot(the name derives from the way the shoots are treated during the fastening

Production per hectare: 80 quintals of grapes

Wine yield: 90%

Produced with classic method sparkling wine with minimum of 15 months. It ‘s definitely the champagne most characteristic and typical of the area of Lake Garda. The sparkling base is obtained from a mixture of red grapes del Garda. These grapes are vinified with short maceration on the skins. You get a nice pink wine with a strong acid in order to better support the spumantizzazione.Questo sparkling wine is different from all the sparkling rosé. Surprise its scents of flowers and berries. Acidity discreet with a great freshness of taste sensations with an exceptional property.